Buy-to-let forces out first-time buyers

The price for first time buyer properties has risen up nearly 10% in this year making a record. Even though the property prices are slowed down generally, the tough competition between first time buyers and buy to let investors is forcing up in prices of the market. A leading daily report says prices in UK are hitting a highest level in October which is 5.6% more expensive than the previous year. This is caused by high tenant demand which influences buy to let investors to go confronting first time buyers. Where in letting agents report that there is only a little or no property to rent.first-time-buyer

The number of first time buyer properties that are coming to the market with one or two bedrooms is down 8% in the last year. This is because; the first time sellers are struggling with second step price gap.

There is another national average record of prices continuing in their upward trend. And this is mainly by the heady rise in price of typical first time buyer homes. Another part of this shortage is, properties that are coming to market with two bedrooms or fewer, combined with demand from both first time buyers and landlords responding to strange rental demand for smaller properties which is due to the limited supply of suitable properties for sale in the most active sector. Competitions get more severe in this sector with first time buyers and buy to let investors going head to head for the same properties.

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