Record making September Housing market activity

The activity of housing market has climbed highest for six months in September.

According to a new research, the total number of property valuations has also set the record of second highest monthly level, which is a 0.5% fewer which has been done on March 2015, highest on record. Total annual valuation activity is up by 29% when compared with the previous year.

The number of valuation carried out for house moving has risen up 26% on August and 23% since last year. Meanwhile, the valuation for first time buyers has risen up 26% on August and 18% since last year.

Experts say that: Housing market is brightening up more with the growing valuation activity, and the people who are a part of it are feeling much more confident of their prediction. Wherein, first time buyers are contributing a good part of growth in UK housing market. Meanwhile, wages are growing faster than inflation and purchase price has got reduced in recent months – everything giving way to the hastening in number of first time buyers. Rise in wages combined with steady increase in property value brings up way for a great time to buy.

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