Increased market activity on buyers demand

buyer-demandThe property market is keep increasing over in September which is up by 5.4% in last year. There were 106,030 residential property transactions in September, which made a small rise of 0.8% in August, according to a report. The housing transaction activity changes are common, wherein the transactions are still 5% higher marking a hopeful sign. This is due to the strong demand from buyers, who wants to secure a mortgage rate before interest rate rises. Meanwhile borrowers also are benefited from lenders’ deals which meet their targets by the year end.

Expert says: “Even though the house prices have gone up, it is much steady when compared to 2014, which helps to improve affordability. Since June the property sales have been going along nicely. The number of buyers showing interest has now comparatively increased. Christmas have been a deadline set for most of the buyers and sellers for themselves to move home or complete transactions, which causes the market activity has picked up its pace. Chances for first time buyers are mainly increased by higher wages, lower inflation and higher LTV mortgage product, which creates optimism among buyers that housing market, is on a steady go.”

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